Are my installers secure?

I was just made aware by some users that they were uncertain about security implications of installing my software.

When installing this software you may get a warning by your Windows Security System saying that this application is from an “Unknown Publisher” and therefore recommends not to install it, as it may be a malicious program.

This type of warning is very common for ham radio software. Since certificates for digital signatures have usually quite expensive annual fees they are often not feasible for many ham radio programs.

Some people have also reported that some cheaper virus scanners may show false positive findings, which is of course total nonsense.

I can herewith guarantee you that my software if downloaded from my official download sites do not contain any malicious code. It is safe to install them onto your system. You have herewith the personal assurance of the author.

To bypass the Windows security and go ahead installing the software usually you need to follow a couple of steps. These steps are described here for Windows 10, but are very similar from Windows 8 onwards:

  • Open or run the blocked app or file to trigger the Windows SmartScreen warning.
  • Click/tap on the More info link. (see screenshot below)
  • Click/tap on the Run anyway button. (see screenshot below)

This should then allow you to install the software using my provided installers.
This applies for both the Demo and the Full version.

73 de Oscar DJ0MY

.windows protected panel #1

windows protected panel #2

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