Ideas to improve CATSync

Many happy users are using CATSync.
So it didn’t take long to receive feature requests, hi hi.

I would like to use this blog post to collect some of the ideas I may be looking into in the futre. I will be updating this post from time to time in order to add new ideas.

Idea collection:

  • Detect change of default soundcard while CATSync is running (for TX mute)
  • Add Mode sync for Rig Emulator and support “Click+Tune” in Emulator (currently only syncing frequency)
  • Make favorites list re-arrangable by drag&drop and editable
  • Frequency offset correction for different SDR websites
  • Do not unmute, if Windows was already muted (mute on TX function)
  • Make top menu collapsible
  • Support keyboard mode tuning and mode change (a websdr feature)
  • Emulate a CAT radio to other applications (e.g. digital decoder software connected via a virtual serial port)
  • RX/TX Switching the Rig from CATSync
  • Emulate a CAT radio to other applications (e.g. digital decoder software connected via a virtual serial port)
  • Remember last frequency/mode settings of KiwiSDR (requires implementing cookie support into CATSync)
  • Support recording of received audio stream
  • Support for clicking in Kiwi SDR station database labels
  • Update radio via CAT when manually entering WebSDR frequency and hit Enter.
  • Rendering support for Windows 10 High-DPI displays with enabled zoom
  • Bidirectional CAT control to control your rig from a click onto the Web SDR.
    (currently only the Rig can control the WebSDR, not viceversa)
  • Option to switch CAT syncronisation on / off
  • Bookmarks to store and access easily your preferred WebSDRs.
    (inclulding non-public private ones)
  • Update frequency and mode immediately after loading new web-sdr site.
    (overwriting default values of the site)
  • Mute Audio on TX (already started implementing, will come in next version)
  • Remember last Window position and size when relaunching the CATSync

I am getting also feature requests for Windows XP support.
This is technically not possible – sorry guys.


4 thoughts on “Ideas to improve CATSync

    1. Frequency offset is already implemented in next version (beta test version). But its just one single adjustable offset instead of offset being stored by each single website and bad, since many websites might have even varying offset per band depending on frontend RX. That would make handling very complicated.


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