Ideas to improve CATSync

Many happy users are using CATSync.
So it didn’t take long to receive feature requests, hi hi.

I would like to use this blog post to collect some of the ideas I may be looking into in the futre. I will be updating this post from time to time in order to add new ideas.

Idea collection:

  • Add Mode sync for Rig Emulator (currently only syncing frequency)
  • Make favorites list re-arrangable by drag&drop and editable
  • Frequency offset correction for different SDR websites
  • Do not unmute, if Windows was already muted (mute on TX function)
  • Detect change of default soundcard while CATSync is running (for TX mute)
  • Make top menu collapsible
  • Support keyboard mode tuning and mode change (a websdr feature)
  • Emulate a CAT radio to other applications (e.g. digital decoder software connected via a virtual serial port)
  • RX/TX Switching the Rig from CATSync
  • Emulate a CAT radio to other applications (e.g. digital decoder software connected via a virtual serial port)
  • Remember last frequency/mode settings of KiwiSDR (requires implementing cookie support into CATSync)
  • Support recording of received audio stream
  • Support for clicking in Kiwi SDR station database labels
  • Update radio via CAT when manually entering WebSDR frequency and hit Enter.
  • Rendering support for Windows 10 High-DPI displays with enabled zoom
  • Bidirectional CAT control to control your rig from a click onto the Web SDR.
    (currently only the Rig can control the WebSDR, not viceversa)
  • Option to switch CAT syncronisation on / off
  • Bookmarks to store and access easily your preferred WebSDRs.
    (inclulding non-public private ones)
  • Update frequency and mode immediately after loading new web-sdr site.
    (overwriting default values of the site)
  • Mute Audio on TX (already started implementing, will come in next version)
  • Remember last Window position and size when relaunching the CATSync

I am getting also feature requests for Windows XP support.
This is technically not possible – sorry guys.


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