Why do some features not work with some rigs?

I am getting ocasional questions, specially from users of older radios why some specific  features do not work in CATSync with their system, e.g. “Track TX VFO” or “Mute Audio on TX” functions.

The answer in may cases is very simple:
Either the radio CAT protocol and/or OmniRig command sub-set are not supporting some essential CAT commands for your rig. It has nothing to do with my software. My software uses OmniRig to talk to your radio.

For example, some radios allow simultaneous control of RX and TX VFO via CAT.
Other radios (like many Icoms) do only allow setting/reading the currently active VFO.

In this case the TX VFO field in CATSync will only show 0000.0 as a frequency value and tracking TX VFO is therefore not possible as a logical consequence.

Also some radios do not sent status updates via CAT when the radio changes from RX to TX mode and viceversa. This means if you own such radio without RX/TX CAT status support then it will be impossible to use the “Mute on TX” function as an obvious result.

I hope this explains why for some (specially older) radio models some features may never work, not even with future versions or the full version.

Updating to a newer radio model with a wider CAT command support should be considered in this case.

73 de Oscar DJ0MY


2 thoughts on “Why do some features not work with some rigs?

    1. It’s a problem of incorrect rig.ini file. The definitions of newer YAESU radios seems to be wrong in the RX/TX section of the files they supply. You can try to fix it yourself by editing the Omnirig file yourself comparing to the CAT command description in your radio handbook or contact the author of OmniRig. It is unfortunately not a CATsync problem.


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