CATSync QO-100 Edition


Your CAT Tool for QO-100 WebSDRs

CATSync QO-100 Edition allows you to syncronize public QO-100 satellite WebSDR receivers with your uplink rig connected via CAT control to your computer. It supports the classical WebSDR as well as Kiwi SDR interfaces.

  • Control a QO-100 WebSDR server by means of your uplink TX RIG…
  • Supports a wide number of RIG’s (it uses the popular OmniRig engine)
  • Supports WebSDR and KiwiSDR browser based SDR receivers
  • Tune the VFO of your radio and see the web SDR follow in realtime !
  • Click on the WebSDR waterfall and retune your rig in realtime
  • Syncronizes both, frequency and mode changes (CW, USB, LSB, AM, FM)
  • Listen full-duplex on your downlink frequency on the same frequency that you have tuned on your uplink rig via web SDR or viceversa
  • Ideally suited e.g. for testing puposes or if you do not want or are unable to afford the full QO-100 downlink path equipment
  • Can be interfaced with popular logging software using OminRig or via VSPE port splitter
  • NEW (V1.10): Interface to control SDR-Console as external uplink rig instead of a real rig.

This software can help you to bring you quickly onto the QO-100 satellite by builing and optimizing first your 2.4GHz uplink station, before moving to receiving the downlink on 10GHz.

Unfortunately there is currently no demo for the QO-100 Edition:
If you want to test the CAT connection to your radio and the basic principle of operation please test the HF demo version of CATsync (standard edition) and verify that it works with your system. The standard version does not support frequencies in the GHz bands and does not support Transverter Offsets, hence cannot be used for QO100. You can however test it on HF, VHF or UHF band WebSDRs.

Important Note:
When installing this software you may get a warning by your Windows Security System saying that this application is from an “Unknown Publisher” and therefore recommends not to install it, as it may be a malicious program.

See my blog post in this regard:
Are my installers secure?

Note: If my app crashes on startup, please install Microsoft Visual C++ 2013 x86 redistributable runtime files (see system requirements below)

Make sure it’s really x86 and not x64 (even on 64bit Windows systems !!!).

If the demo works on your system and you like the software please consider getting the full version.  The full version is tuning both frequency and audio syncronized in realtime and that even bidirectionally!

Press the “Buy Now” button below. This will guide you to my webshop system and allows you to pay by PayPal with an immediate download afterwards.

The CATsync QO-100 Edition Full version costs 24.95€.
Special shot-term SALE:   only 19.95 EUR (-20% discount)

You do not need to have a PayPal account, you can pay as a guest at PayPal:

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In case of difficulties please contact me directly under the e-mail adress provided by PayPal in the payment receipt sent to you by e-mail. For future updates you will be automatically notified to the e-mail adress you used for purchasing .


Microsoft .NET runtime libraries 4.61 or later must be installed (from Microsoft site)
Microsoft Visual C++ 2013 (x32 version) redistributables must be installed (from Microsoft site)
OmniRig CAT software must be installed (Freeware from DX Atlas site)
Many ham shack PC’s already have those components installed, since many other third party software make also use of them.

CATSync supports up to two switchable radios connected via two separate serial ports. The program is very easy and intuitive to use. Try the standard version (intended for HF use) demo and see for yourself.

This application tunes the web SDR in realtime, however given the way how a web SDR works in addition to the geostationary path delay there may be a small additional latency between your real rig and the WebSDR audio due to the waterfall and audio transmission and codec decompression time required to travel from the SDR host server to your PC speakers.

See demo video of CATSync V1.00 QO-100 Edition in action with my Yaesu  FT817 uplink radio and a SG-Labs 13cm transverter on the uplink:

Version History:

03 JAN 2021 V1.11 QO-100 Edition
– Bugfix for user interface menu bar not scaling and rescaling properly on high resolution displays with a zoom level over 100% set in the windows display options.
– Bugfix for an OmniRig frequency setting issue. SOme radios do not support the [pmFreq] command in their rig.ini file and therefore OmniRig needs to be called differently. Instead of a direct frequency setting of the currently active VFO OmniRig needs to adress some radios via VFO A or VFO B settings.
23 OCT 2020  V1.10  QO-100 Edition
– New feature:  Own interface to control SDR-Console as external uplink rig instead of a real rig. This allows setting 10GHz frequencies that are not supported by OmniRig.
– Offset settings now editable also manually instead of only up/down arrows
– Some bugfixes to prevent crashes when clicking on external links on some WebSDRs or moving the mousewheel (usualy used for tuning).
10 OCT 2020  V1.00  QO-100 Edition
– First official release version based on a modified CATsync V1.21 (standrd edition) core code